Apu Goes To A Party And Falls In The Pool

S07E21 - 22 Short Films About Springfield

The episode is a series of short skits, each showing a brief slice of life in Springfield after Bart wonders if anything interesting happens to Springfield's citizens:

Bart and Milhouse spit and squirt condiments from a highway overpass onto cars, then go to the Kwik-E Mart.
There, Apu closes his shop to attend a party at Sanjay's house for five minutes, resulting in Moleman being trapped inside during his brief absence.
Bart gets gum in Lisa's hair without noticing, and Marge tries to get it out by putting a variety of foods on her head.
Smithers suffers an allergic reaction to a bee sting while bike riding with Mr. Burns.
Dr. Nick comes under criticism from the hospital board for his unorthodox medical procedures, only to treat Grampa with an electric light socket, saving his career.
Moe gets robbed by Snake after Barney gives him $2,000 to pay for a portion of his $14 billion bar tab.
While hosting luncheon for Superintendent Chalmers, Skinner accidentally burns his roast and tries to bluff his way through the rest of the afternoon, setting his house ablaze in the process.
Homer accidentally traps Maggie in a newspaper vending box, and ends up uprooting the box and placing it in her bedroom.
Chief Wiggum, Lou, and Eddie discuss the similarities and differences between McDonald's and Krusty Burger.
Bumblebee Man's house is destroyed upon arriving home after a horrible day at work, causing his wife to leave him.
Snake runs Wiggum over, and their ensuing fight ends with Herman capturing them at gunpoint.
Reverend Lovejoy urges his dog to use Flanders' lawn as a toilet.
Various townspeople advise Marge and Lisa on how to remove the gum stuck in Lisa's hair.
Cletus offers Brandine some shoes he found on a telephone line.
Milhouse has to use the bathroom in Comic Book Guy's Android's Dungeon, but ends up leaving before he can use it.
He goes with his father to Herman's store, where he accidentally knocks Herman out with a flail, saving his father, Snake, and Wiggum.
Jake cuts the gum out of Lisa's hair, leaving her with a different hairstyle.
Nelson laughs at Lisa's new haircut, at Mrs. Glick tripping and falling head-first into a trash can, and at an extremely tall man in a small VW Beetle car, who gets out and humiliates him to teach him a lesson.
Bart and Milhouse squirt ketchup and mustard on Nelson, and conclude that life is interesting in their town after all.
Professor Frink attempts to tell his story, but is cut off by the ending credits.

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