The Simpsons Go Go-Karting

S10E03 - Bart the Mother

When Marge takes the family to the Family Fun Center, she notices Nelson intentionally knocking Milhouse off a racetrack and winning a BB gun from stolen prize tickets. Bart and Nelson attempt to be friends, but Marge forbids Bart to be with Nelson. Bart goes to his house anyway to use his BB gun. When Nelson pressures Bart to shoot a bird in a nest, Bart accidentally kills it. Marge learns where he went, goes to Nelson's house and is furious after seeing what he did, but instead of punishing him, she refuses to have anything to do with his destructive ways and leaves.

Bart discovers two eggs in the bird's nest and not wanting the babies to die too, decides to hatch them, secretly keeping the eggs warm in his treehouse. Marge gets suspicious after noticing him spending more time in his treehouse, but forgives him after finding out what he has been doing. With Marge's help, the eggs eventually hatch, but the Simpson family is shocked when a pair of lizards emerge from them, whom Bart names Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr.[2]

Bart and Marge take the lizards to the Springfield Birdwatching Society, where Principal Skinner, explains they are Bolivian tree lizards, a breed that steals a bird?s eggs and leaves their own to be watched after by the mother bird, which is then eaten by the offspring once they hatch. Skinner says the lizards must be killed by law because they have killed many bird species. Bart escapes and runs away with the lizards, but Skinner catches up to him and they struggle on top of the society building. The lizards fall off the side, but to everyone's disbelief, glide to the ground. The lizards grow in population and start to eradicate pigeons in Springfield.

Since the town considered the pigeons a nuisance, they are delighted and Bart is thanked and honored by Mayor Quimby with a loganberry scented candle. Lisa worries the town will become infested by lizards, but Skinner assures her they will send in Chinese needle snakes to eat them, followed by snake-eating gorillas, which will freeze to death when winter comes."

Source: Wikipedia