Homer Sues Mr Burns for a Million Dollars

S02E10 - Bart Gets Hit by a Car

While skateboarding one day, Bart crosses a road where he is hit by Mr. Burns' car. Bart has an out-of-body experience which begins with him riding the escalator to Heaven. He then ends up in Hell after spitting over the side of the escalator, and meets Satan. He floats back into his body as it was not his time yet. Bart wakes up in a hospital room, surrounded by his family and a smiling stranger. The man introduces himself as attorney Lionel Hutz, and suggests that the Simpsons sue Mr. Burns. Marge quickly rejects the offer and orders him to leave at once. Bart's injuries are minor "a bump on the head and a broken toe" and Homer is hesitant to sue his boss. Later, Mr. Burns tries to avoid a potential lawsuit by offering Homer $100. Homer is hesitant to accept the offer because it barely covers Bart's medical bills, so Mr. Burns, who calls him an extortionist, throws him out. After the meeting, Homer goes to see Hutz, who promises him a cash settlement of $1 million (of which Hutz gets 50% as his "fee"). Hutz takes Bart to see Dr. Nick Riviera, a quack doctor who claims that Bart has extensive injuries; he diagnoses a fingerprint on Bart's x-ray as "trauma". Marge, however, is skeptical of Dr. Nick's medical qualifications and decries him for exaggerating Bart's condition. Hutz coaches Bart on what to say on the witness stand during the trial, encouraging him to exaggerate his condition.

At the trial, both Bart and Mr. Burns tell outrageous versions of what happened. The jury shows sympathy for Bart, but Marge and Lisa are angry about it because they believe it was just Hutz' attempt to curry the jury's favor. After the trial, Mr. Burns yells at his lawyers, ordering them to bring Homer and Marge to his house. At his mansion, Mr. Burns offers Homer a $500,000 settlement. Feeling guilty for lying, Marge pleads with Homer to drop the case and accept the money. However, Homer objects to the settlement, insisting that Mr. Burns knows he will lose the trial and will have to pay the family $1 million. Marge admits she dislikes the situation, including the "shifty lawyers" and "phoney doctors". Mr. Burns overhears this, and withdraws his offer. The next day at the trial, Mr. Burns' lawyer calls an unprepared Marge to the stand. In her testimony, she denounces Dr. Nick as a fake and outlines how limited Bart's injuries actually were. She also gives the hardships resulting from the accident a dollar value of $5, the sum they would have paid Bart for taking out the trash, had he been able to. Marge's honest testimony destroys Hutz's case and the Simpsons get nothing.

That night, a depressed Homer is angry that Marge cost him $1 million. At Moe's Tavern, Moe tries to console Homer by telling him that rich people aren't happy, but Homer ignores it. Marge visits Homer at Moe's and asks him to forgive her for her testimony. He refuses, stating that he is not sure he loves her anymore, and admits he blames Marge for costing him the trial. Marge encourages him to look at her and figure out how he feels. Homer reluctantly does, and at first he is convinced of his anger for Marge, until he looks her in the eyes and realizes he still loves her as much as ever.

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