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S06E12 - Homer the Great

Homer notices that his colleagues Lenny and Carl are enjoying inexplicable privileges at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He discovers they are part of an ancient secret society known as the Stonecutters. To join, one must either be the son of a Stonecutter or save the life of a Stonecutter. While extolling the Stonecutters at the dinner table, Homer discovers that his father is a member and is admitted.

After the initiations, Homer takes great pleasure in the society's secret privileges. However, during a celebratory dinner with his fellow Stonecutters, he unwittingly destroys their Hallowed Sacred Parchment. He is stripped of his Stonecutter robes and is sentenced to walk home naked. Before he leaves, however, it is discovered that Homer has a birthmark in the shape of the Stonecutter emblem, identifying him as the Chosen One who would lead the Stonecutters to greatness.

Homer is crowned the new leader of the Stonecutters. Initially enjoying himself, Homer soon feels isolated by his power when the other members treat him differently due to his new position, and asks Lisa for advice. She suggests that he ask the Stonecutters to do volunteer work to help the community. Unfortunately, the other Stonecutters take this the wrong way and form a new society, the Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers.

Homer becomes despondent about losing his secret club. Marge consoles him by telling him he is a member of a very selective club: the Simpson family.

Source: Wikipedia