Frank Grimes Comes to Dinner

S08E23 - Homer's Enemy

A new employee, Frank Grimes, who spent most of his life alone and working hard to make ends meet, is hired at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and put into Sector 7G, where he must work alongside Homer, Lenny, and Carl. Grimes is amazed and aghast at Homer's bad manners and general irresponsibility. When Grimes prevents Homer from drinking a beaker of sulfuric acid by slapping it out of his hands and into a wall, a passing Mr. Burns admonishes Grimes for destroying the wall and spilling his acid. Grimes is demoted and later angrily declares to Homer that they are now enemies.

Under Moe Syzlak's suggestion, Homer invites Grimes to his home for a lobster dinner, hoping to make them friends. However, Grimes is only further incensed by Homer's ability to live such a comfortable life and earn so many accomplishments (such as being friends with former president Gerald Ford, going on tour with the Smashing Pumpkins, going into space, and winning a Grammy) despite his slothful and ignorant ways, while Grimes has little to show for his lifetime of hard work. Declaring Homer a "fraud", Grimes leaves in anger.

The next day, Homer, after getting advice from Marge, tries to earn Grimes' respect by acting as a model employee, but his efforts fail. Grimes rants about Homer to Lenny and Carl, who both insist that despite his faults, Homer is a decent person. To prove Homer's lack of intelligence, he tricks Homer into entering a nuclear power plant design contest intended for children. However, Homer's model, which is almost the same as the current plant with a few modifications, wins the contest. The audience's applause and cheers cause Grimes to snap and he runs amok through the plant, mimicking and mocking Homer's habits. Entering Homer's office, Grimes sees a machine labeled "Extremely High Voltage", sarcastically declares that he does not need safety gloves, grabs the wires, and is fatally electrocuted. At Grimes' funeral, Homer falls asleep and talks in his dream, making all the attendees laugh as Grimes' coffin is lowered into the earth.

Meanwhile, Bart buys an abandoned factory for a dollar at a foreclosure auction at the Springfield Town Hall. He and Milhouse spend their days wrecking the building until it collapses one night during Milhouse's watch, at which point the rats inside swarm into Moe's Tavern.

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