The Simpsons dine in Ethiopian restaurant

S23E05 - The Food Wife

Homer takes his children, Bart and Lisa, to a video game convention for another fun Saturday. Upon their return home, Marge feels upset that Homer gets to be the "fun dad", while she is stuck doing unexciting things with the children. Next Saturday, she decides to take Bart and Lisa to an "X-Games" convention, thinking it will be something fun. However, when they arrive, they are disappointed to find out that it is a Christian event, and the actual name of the convention is "? Games". The car engine dies on the way back and they are forced to stop in the neighborhood of Little Ethiopia, where the three go into a restaurant serving Ethiopian food. Although initially averse to the exotic food, Marge is reminded that she wants to be a fun mom and therefore asks for the most authentic dish on the menu for her and her children. All three of them enjoy the food. At the restaurant, Marge, Bart, and Lisa bump into a group of foodies, who encourage them to start their own food blog, "The Three Mouthketeers". The blog quickly becomes popular and the three spend much time together trying out new food and writing about it. This leaves Homer feeling left out and sad.

When the trio gets an invitation to an exclusive molecular gastronomy restaurant called El Chemistri, Marge invites Homer out of pity. After announcing this to Bart and Lisa, he reclaims his "fun dad" title, leaving Marge worried about losing her new bond with the children. In one of her dreams that night, she and the children are trying out new food together with chef Anthony Bourdain when Homer jumps in on a hop ball and eats up everything, taking away the children's attention from Marge. Homer, Bart, Lisa, Bourdain, and other famous chefs that have shown up, such as Mario Batali, then jump away from Marge on hop balls, leaving her by herself. Afterwards, Gordon Ramsay appears next to her, using profanity while telling her that she should not have invited Homer. The next day, she deliberately gives Homer the wrong address to the restaurant.

When Marge and the children arrive at El Chemistri, Homer unknowingly arrives at an illegal meth lab that he thinks is the actual restaurant. While the trio eat their meal (deconstructed Caesar salad) with other foodies, Marge feels guilty about misdirecting Homer. Meanwhile, Homer meets the meth dealer and other drug addicts, whom he believes to be food hipsters. Just as he is about to have a taste of the meth (which he thinks is food produced with the help of molecular gastronomy), the police burst in and a gunfight ensues between them and the drug addicts. At El Chemistri, Marge receives a panicked text message from Homer requesting help, and she asks the other foodies to help save her husband. They refuse, so she, Bart, and Lisa head by themselves towards the meth lab after receiving doggie bags from the chef who is angry that they are leaving. After arriving, Marge throws apple pie from her doggie bag into the mouth of the meth dealer. This causes a flashback inside his mind to his childhood days when his mother used to make apple pie. With the help of this distraction, the police subdue him. After Marge apologizes to Homer, they and their children decide to have fun together as a whole family from now on.

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