Bart out-Valentines Nelson

S25E11 - Specs and the City

In a December 2013 flashback, Mr. Burns passes out Christmas gifts to his employees after Homer, Lenny and Carl had discussed his previous terrible presents. The employees at the power plant unwrap the gifts to find Oogle Goggles. Concerned with his boss's sudden kindness, Smithers wonders if he should contact Mr. Burns' doctor, but Mr. Burns lets Smithers know that now all his employees can spy on each other. Furthermore, with a press of a button, Mr. Burns thinks he can kill an employee (he can't). Fast forward to February 2014, when Marge encourages Bart and Lisa to join in the Valentine's Day festivities of making cards for everyone in the class. Bart doesn't want to give Nelson a valentine because Nelson is a bully whom he doesn't love. However, Marge shows Bart an amusing video the school had sent out with a kid who overdoses on candy hearts when he doesn't receive Valentine's Day cards. Bart then chooses a shoddy valentine from an old box for Nelson.

As Homer heads out with his family, he notices that Flanders' home is worth more than his home, so in order to up the value on the property, Homer snatches Flanders' flowers and plants them on his yard. Through Homer's goggles, he sees that the value shoots up, before Santa's Little Helper urinates on the plant and value drops. During Homer's snuggle time with Marge, he cannot take off his goggles, prompting Marge to walk out on him. Homer desperately asks the goggles to find a gift for Marge under five dollars. Homer then asks the goggles to take him back in time to two minutes ago. In the morning, Marge flips pancakes in anger. When Homer decides to give up the goggles, he places the goggles on the lazy Susan before it lands on Maggie. Marge grabs the goggles and puts them on to which Maggie spits her pacifier at her in defiance.

Over at Springfield Elementary School, a line of kids waits to give Nelson a Valentine's card. When Nelson is ready for Bart to give him his card, a fed-up Bart says he won't give Nelson his valentine and tears it in half, leading Nelson to tell Bart he has one week to give him the best valentine ever or Nelson will kill him. Meanwhile, Homer appears at work without his goggles, but he soon realizes that he cannot live in a reality without them because when Carl saw him, he slapped Homer repeatedly. Homer looks for goggles in Mr. Burns's office only to find the room empty. Homer sees the monitors of all the employees doing everything but their work. Homer also sees Marge wearing his glasses and feeding Maggie ice cream even though Marge had told Homer they had run out of ice cream.

Homer sits on Mr. Burns' cushy chair eating popcorn when Mr. Burns shows up asking, "Who are you?" and Homer says Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns apologizes to "Mr. Burns" and backs away from the chair and out of the office. Homer continues to watch Marge do her everyday errands, which includes visiting a therapist where she talks in detail about the infuriating behavior Homer displays every day. Back at SES, Bart gives Nelson a card that's based on fear (of both the pressure of Valentine's Day and Nelson's psychotic actions) which outright calls Nelson a crazy violent person who will someday be on Death Row; to everyone's shock and happiness, Nelson is moved by Bart's honesty and gives him a hug. Based on advice from Moe, Homer sets up a fake appointment at the therapist's office to "bump into" Marge, but before he can do this he overhears her say that the therapy is her reset button. He figures out that Marge always goes from being miserable on Tuesdays before her appointments to being absolutely happy and lively on the Wednesdays after them, and he quietly watches her leave before going through his own appointment (he has the psychiatrist cut his hair). Homer later tells Marge she deserves to have her secrets, and they end up making love to the horror of the monitoring Mr. Burns.

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