Max Powers

S10E13 - Homer to the Max

The Simpson family watches the pilot of Police Cops, a show which follows a suave and dashing detective named Homer Simpson and his partner Lance Kaufman. Homer is delighted with the positive attention he receives for sharing the lead character's name, despite the family telling him it is just a coincidence.

Following the pilot, however, the Homer Simpson character is rewritten into a unwise, fat, and lazy detective, resulting in Homer being mocked by the people of Springfield. Humiliated, he appeals to the producers to change the character back, but they refuse. Then, after unsuccessfully attempting to sue the company for improper usage of his old name, Homer legally changes his name to "Max Power".

Though the negative attention fades away, Marge is unhappy that Max changed his name without consulting her. While shopping at Costington's, Max meets a successful businessman named Trent Steel.

Trent invites Max and the family to a garden party, despite Marge's reservations, where they meet lots of famous people, but Max finds out the party is an excuse to save a redwood forest from destruction. After traveling with the party guests to the forest, Max, Marge, and everyone else chain themselves to the trees to prevent the bulldozers from knocking them down. The Springfield police arrive and Eddie and Lou chase Max around his tree, trying to "swab" him with mace. As Max rounds the tree, the chain cuts into it. The redwood falls and knocks down all other redwoods, angering their newfound friends. Max later changes his name back to "Homer Simpson".

Source: Wikipedia