Homer Steals Flanders' Vacation

S10E23 - Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo

While visiting an Internet caf? with Bart and Lisa, Homer is cyber-robbed by Snake of his bank's entire savings account, which the family planned to use for a vacation. When Ned Flanders catches Homer burgling his house, he says he got more for less by attending the Chuck Garabedian Mega-Savings Seminar. Homer steals Ned's tickets and the Simpsons attend the seminar, in which Chuck explains many money-saving strategies. The Simpsons follow them and save enough for a Garabedian-sponsored vacation. They steal airplane tickets from the Flanders at the airport and go to Tokyo, Japan.

Homer and Bart separate from Marge and Lisa and attend a sumo match. When a wrestler steals Homer's pretzel, he and Bart knock him out, then when the Emperor of Japan, Akihito, congratulates Homer, he throws him into a dumpster of worn mawashi. As a result, he and Bart are put in jail until Marge pays the bail. Consequently, the only money the family has left is a one-million yen bill, which Lisa loses in the wind after Homer created an origami crane from it.

The family finds work in a fish-gutting factory in Osaka, where they notice a TV game show called The Happy Smile Super Challenge Family Wish Show. They go on it, telling the host Wink that they wish for plane tickets to Springfield. In order to get them, they go through physical torture (particularly Homer), then must pick them up from a rickety bridge over an active volcano. Lisa is able to get the tickets, but Wink breaks the bridge and the whole family falls into the volcano, which is actually orangeade with lots of wasabi added. As the Simpsons leave Japan, their plane is briefly confronted by four giant monsters ? Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera and Rodan before it flies off on the journey to Springfield.

Source: Wikipedia