Homerís Plant PhysicalHomerís Plant Physical
4 days ago
Homer Simpson is off to the Nuclear Power Plant. Today is the plant physical and Lenny forgot to wear underwear. It's a normal plant physical, very very normal, nothing to see here. Nobody seems to think anything of it.
Marge's Highway to Hell | Seamless CutMarge's Highway to Hell | Seamless Cut
1 week ago
Homer, Bart and Lisa Simpson comes down for breakfast. They dine and dash quickly leaving Marge to clean up the mess. After she finishes her house work, she has some time for her favorite hobby.
The Return of Maude FlandersThe Return of Maude Flanders
2 weeks ago
After Maude's accidental death, Ned Flanders is left alone with his own thoughts and that turns out to be a bad thing. Really missing Maude, Ned goes crazy and does some things out of his control, and thus, Maude is reborn.
Homerís Two WivesHomerís Two Wives
3 weeks ago
After Homer Simpson's vegas trip, he comes back with a second wife and Marge is estatic about it. There are so many things that two wives could do for you, like chop wood and dig a hole at the same time! But it turns out, Lisa doesn't like it.
Homer Simpson Was FramedHomer Simpson Was Framed
1 month ago
Mr. Plow was back at his old ways with Bart while someone else in town was up to no good. All with the goal of framing Homer but why? What does he have to gain? Who is this mysterious stranger that has such a grudge against Mr. Plow?
Homer's Snuggle SocksHomer's Snuggle Socks
1 month ago
Homer Simpson is in the mood to snuggle but Marge doesn't seem to be. Homer goes to bed unsatisfied, but not for long. He sneaks out of the house for a nice relaxing drive and then he comes across a helpful billboard that solves all of his problems.
The Simpsons Go to Mount SplashmoreThe Simpsons Go to Mount Splashmore
1 month ago
The Simpsons finally make it to Mount Splashmore! Except the family hates Bart so he isn't allowed to come. Feeling left out, Bart must find his own way to Mount Splashmore, the funnest waterpark in town!
Homer's Biggest FearHomer's Biggest Fear
1 month ago
Marge Simpson believes everyone has a fear of something, even her husband Homer. There is one thing above everything else that Homer is afraid ofÖ make that two things. Two hideous, hideous things. The gruesome twosome, some might say.
Krusty Gets Biz-Zay | Seamless CutKrusty Gets Biz-Zay | Seamless Cut
1 month ago
Krusty is recording his show in front of a live audience and the kids love it. After the show, the kids leave. Bart Simpson is making his way to the door as well when he hears Krusty calling for him.
Helen Lovejoy Has Been ClaimedHelen Lovejoy Has Been Claimed
2 months ago
The Beer Baron is back at work during prohibition. When Helen Lovejoy and her friends show up to Moe's petshop to ruin the fun, Chief Wiggum is forced to take drastic action and turn on the old Wiggum Charm, but with a twist.
Hank Scorpio Returns!Hank Scorpio Returns!
2 months ago
Everybody's favorite Simpson's villain Hank Scorpio has his eyes set on Springfield now. On his triumphant return, he takes on Homer and the Power Plant crew but runs into some trouble along the way.
Stupid Flanders Wearing Nothing at AllStupid Flanders Wearing Nothing at All
2 months ago
The Simpsons are enjoying themselves on the slopes today when all of a sudden Ned Flanders shows up in his skin tight ski suit that allows for maximum mobility. It's like he's wearing nothing at all. And that confuses Homer.

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