Troy McClure Goes to Sea WorldTroy McClure Goes to Sea World
3 days ago
This is exactly what you though it was. The Simpson's favorite tv show host has a deep dark secret, he has an abnormal attraction to the wet kind and in this video he gets to live out his fantasies with a little help from, oh let's say Moe.
Diss Homer's FlygirlDiss Homer's Flygirl
1 week ago
Moe is teaching funk dancing for self defence at the adult education program again and this time instead of running away, Homer Simpson joings the course and studies how to protect his woman when her honor gets insulted.
Bart Watches Brazilian TVBart Watches Brazilian TV
2 weeks ago
Bart Simpson holds a watch party at his house for some wholesome Brazilian children's television. All was going well until Homer came home and crashed the party. Bart probably should've have invited the bullies over.
Homer Can't Let Her Go | Full EpisodeHomer Can't Let Her Go | Full Episode
3 weeks ago
After an unfortunate incident involving Marge and a crazy maniac, Homer Simpson is left alone to care for Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Being a single father is harder than he expected and he has to do everything withing his power to keep his family from falling apart. He'll need the help of his family and friends, Grampa, Ned Flanders, Lenny, Carl, etc. to succeed. The Simpsons will never be the same ever again.
Marge Is GayMarge Is Gay
1 month ago
Marge Simpson is hiding a secret from Homer and her family. But when Homer finds out, he is threatened that it will destroy their family and kids. But he seems to be the only person who cares.
Homer Goes to a Seafood RestaurantHomer Goes to a Seafood Restaurant
1 month ago
Marge Simpson is worried about Homer's diet and tries to change his eating habits but Homer wasn't having any of it. And all of this leads to Homer going to an all you can eat seafood restaurant, delicious.
Bart Hates Homer SimpsonBart Hates Homer Simpson
1 month ago
Does Bart Simpson love Homer or hate him? Well in the Dark Simpsons Universe, it's definitely hate. After Homer goes nuts on Bart again, Bart cracks and takes things to the extreme after he leaves home.
Homer Gets a New HipHomer Gets a New Hip
1 month ago
After an accident during a work trip, Homer Simpson is sent to the hospital and requires a new hip. Things start to look brighter for Homer when he sees a commercial on tv and is reminded that he lives in the United States of America.
Ralph Calls Ms. Hoover MommyRalph Calls Ms. Hoover Mommy
1 month ago
Ralph Wiggum vs Ms. Hoover, mortal enemies. When Ralph can't open his milk, he accidentally calls Ms. Hoover mommy in class and she makes a fool out of him. Ralph gets depressed and tells his father, the chief of police Wiggum about it.
Homer Attacked by Hounds | Seamless CutHomer Attacked by Hounds | Seamless Cut
2 months ago
Homer Simpson is hard at work minding his own business when Smithers interrupts his project. Mr. Burns is displeased with Homer but luckily Homer is a smooth talker and tries to talk his way out of it.
Man Getting Hit by FootballMan Getting Hit by Football
2 months ago
The classic Man Getting Hit by Football gets a twist. Step aside Hans Moleman, there's a new ball king in town. After a showing of the film, a series of unfortunate events hits Homer Simpson and he becomes the laughing stock of the entire town of Springfield.
Homer Quits His JobHomer Quits His Job
2 months ago
Smithers has never really liked Homer Simpsons, but when Homer pushes him over the edge, Smithers goes all out to make Homer's life terrible. Then Homer tells everyone he can about the event, including the police.

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