Ned Cheats on MaudeNed Cheats on Maude
1 day ago
In this reality of The Simpsons, Maude Flanders is still alive but Ned still sleeps with Sarah Sloan. Maude quickly puts the puzzle pieces together and confronts Ned about it, then things take a dark turn.
Dark Futurama - Hot TubbingDark Futurama - Hot Tubbing
1 week ago
It's Freedom Day and the Futurama gang are all celebrating on the roof when Professor Farnsworth joins them and introduces his new invention, the automatic hot tub. The whole Planet Express crew, Leela, Zoidberg, Amy, Bender, Fry and Rusty are all really excited to get started.
Skinner and Krabappel Making Babies in the ClosetSkinner and Krabappel Making Babies in the Closet
2 weeks ago
After Bart Simpson exposes Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel's relationship in the closet to the whole school, they decide to get revenge and take it our on Bart's butterfinger. Skinner and his crazy ideas.
Homer Commits Insurance FraudHomer Commits Insurance Fraud
3 weeks ago
After Homer Simpson has a near death experience, Marge is worried about the future of their family so she forces Homer to get life insurance. One thing leads to another and Homer ends up commiting insurance fraud.
Reverend Lovejoy Goes All inReverend Lovejoy Goes All in
4 weeks ago
The town of Springfield enjoys going to church. But little do they know, their spiritual leader, Reverend Lovejoy has a secret gambling problem. When the secret gets leaked, people lose their faith in him.
Homer Loans Marge Out to ArtieHomer Loans Marge Out to Artie
1 month ago
Marge Simpson's ex-boyfriend Artie Ziff offers Homer and indecent proposal and Homer jumps at the opportunity for some quick cash not caring about the psychological damage it may do to his wife.
Bart the Lover | Minisode #11Bart the Lover | Minisode #11
1 month ago
The Simpsons' favorite teacher Mrs. Krabappel is devastated when her fiance, Principal Skinner disappears. So she turns to a friend for comfort but things don't turn out so well and her life nosedives into a death spiral.
Bart Goes to the WigsphereBart Goes to the Wigsphere
1 month ago
Bart Simpson goes on the road to Knoxville, Tennessee to see the great Wigsphere! And boy what a trip it was! Lots of fun to be had by all, especially for Homer, he seems to be enjoying himself a lot in the aftermath.
Homer Needs MoneyHomer Needs Money
1 month ago
Homer Simpson is fired from the power plant again and he needs money for beer. After getting rejected by Marge and many churches, he gets desperate and resorts to stealing from Bart's piggybank.
Homer Gives up Beer for a MonthHomer Gives up Beer for a Month
2 months ago
After Bart Simpson is found drinking on the streets, Marge thinks Homer is a bad influence and asks him to give up beer for a month. Homer reluctantly agrees but things don't go as Marge expected. Homer goes back to old habits.
Cletus the Slack Jawed YokelCletus the Slack Jawed Yokel
2 months ago
The Flanders family goes missing and Chief Wiggum is on the case. Looking for clues, Chief Wiggum goes and questions some of the townsfolk and that leads them to Cletus. The story from earlier in the day unravels.
Homer Can't Satisfy Marge AnymoreHomer Can't Satisfy Marge Anymore
2 months ago
After a freak accident occurs that affects Homer Simpson's ability to snuggle. Marge doesn't know what to do. It takes a toll on their marriage and Marge takes drastic measures to resolve the issue.

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