Homer Simpson Gives Grampa a Kidney

1 year ago
This is an alternate ending to the episode of the same name. Homer and Grampa haven't always seen eye to eye, but when a medical emergency comes up, we see what the Simpson family are made of.

This is sort of an alternate ending to the original episode of the same name. The family is sitting down to dinner when they get an unexpected phone call. Turns out Grampa is in the hospital and Homer rushes out to see him. Dr. Hibbert suggests Homer give Grampa one of his kidneys to save his life. Homer has a flashback to their time together and it's a pretty easy decision. The surgery takes place but there are some complications and Homer dies. Grampa wakes up feeling younger than ever only to find out that Homer didn't make it. After the funeral, Grampa is shaken, he stole his son's life.

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