Homer's Boring Day

1 year ago
Homer's been working at the same boring plant for 10 years, day after day, it's the same boring routine. But today, something happens out of the blue, it makes things a lot more interesting.

It's another boring day at the plant, when all of a sudden a strange voice is heard over the p.a. system. A team of freelance terrorists have taken over the plant. Homer takes it upon himself to save everyone, so he leaps into the air duct and drops into Mr. Burns' office where the terrorists are located. He drops out of the air duct and miscalculates the landing. He is surrounded then beaten. Later on the news, it is revealed that homer has been taken hostage and is currently being reprogrammed. He later arrives at home acting weird. He quickly rushes out and is seen driving a transport truck, which he plows into a building causing it to collapse in an explosion.

Suicide Again