Maggie Hits Homer in the Head with a Mallet

3 years ago
Since Maggie was born, Homer has had nothing but bad luck. Forced to leave his dream job, and now she has become his greatest enemy. How will he resolve the situation? Violently of course.

On a fine afternood, Homer is working in his garage. All of a sudden, Maggie appears and bashes his head in with a hammer. Homer is sent to the hospital, where Lisa plays for him. A month later, Homer returns home and everything returns to normal. The family believes the incident was an accident. Soon after, Maggie tries to attack him again with a sharp instrument. Homer rushes of angry and paranoid. He sees counselling and everything turns worse. At night he viciously attacks Maggie with a hammer and buries her in the back yard. The next morning, Marge finds Maggie's crib empty and is horrified.

Fooled You Flanders