Bart Runs Away

3 years ago
Bart has never gotten along with his family: his father abuses him, his sister out shines him and his mother is constantly disappointed by him. Well Bart has had enough, to day is the day where he makes his own way, and leave the family.

The family is sitting down for a nice meal, when Bart decides to launch his peas at Lisa. Homer tries to punish his son, but instead Bart runs out on his family. On his journey, Bart finds himself on the wrong side of the tracks. The family doesn't miss him at all. We see Bart miserable and suffering in the rain while the family is celebrating his abscene at home. Time flies by and we see Bart is terrible shape. His manager calls for him to begin his show, Bart is a sleazy male stripper and the crowd hates him. Homer is in the crowd teasing his son, then the crowd turns angry and launch a bottle at his head knocking him down.

Fooled You Flanders