The Bart Who Knew Too Much

1 year ago
Homer is back to his old gambling ways. One day, tragedy strikes. Homer is sitting at home watching football when his team loses. Homer owes a lot of money to some really bad people now.

Homer is watching football but when his team loses, we learn that he had borrowed money from the mafia to place the bets. Bad news. He calls his best friend Moe to borrow money, but it turns out Moe is also in desperate need of cash. A week later we find out that Moe is murdered (presumably by the mafia). The doorbell rings and Homer answers the door, turns out Fat Tony is here for his money, but Homer doesn't have it. Bart overhears the conversation and quickly hides. Homer is murdered and Bart witnesses everything. The hunt for Homer's body begins. At the trial, Bart is testifying against Fat Tony, but a hitman bursts through the door before he could say anything and murders Bart. Later that night we see Fat Tony at the Pimento Grove, enjoying a nice Martini alongside his freedom.

To Alcohol!