Homer Sleep Driving

S03E08 - Lisa's Pony

Lisa is participating in a school talent show and needs a new reed for her saxophone. Her father, Homer, agrees to buy one, but decides to visit Moe's Tavern first. When he arrives at the music shop next door, it has closed for the night. Dejected, Homer goes back to Moe's to find its owner. Moe convinces the man to re-open his store. By the time Homer reaches the school with the new reed, however, Lisa has already butchered her performance. Humiliated and upset, she completely ignores Homer, who, from watching old family videos, soon realizes how much he has neglected her.

When Homer's attempts to mend his relationship with Lisa fail, he buys her a pony with help from a loan through the Power Plant Credit Union. When Lisa wakes up one morning to find the pony (named Princess) lying next to her, she gallops into her parents' bedroom telling Homer she loves him. While Homer is happy, Marge is upset he ignored her warning that they could not afford the pony.

To pay the rent for Princess's shelter, Homer takes a second job at the Kwik-E-Mart, which makes him more exhausted overtime. Marge tells the children of what he has been doing, but that she will not make Lisa give up the pony, as she must decide that for herself. After watching Bart taking advantage of a sleep-deprived Homer at the Kwik-E-Mart, Lisa shares a heart-breaking goodbye with her pony. She then tells Homer that there is a "big dumb animal" she loves even more than Princess, that being Homer himself.

Source: Wikipedia