Bart And Lisa VS The Babysitter Bandit

S01E13 - Some Enchanted Evening

Marge is depressed that Homer takes her for granted. She calls Dr. Marvin Monroe's radio call-in therapy show. Homer, hearing the call on a radio at work, feels bad, goes to Moe's Tavern afterward and, on Moe's advice, brings home a rose and a box of chocolates. Marge's mood softens and Homer invites her to a dinner at a fancy restaurant, dancing, and a night at a motel.

Marge and Homer hire Ms. Botz through a babysitting service to watch the kids. Ms. Botz puts Maggie to bed and has Bart and Lisa watch The Happy Little Elves. Bart and Lisa then learn from a TV show called America's Most Armed and Dangerous that Ms. Botz is a wanted burglar nicknamed "The Babysitter Bandit." Realizing her cover is blown, Botz ties the kids up while packing the family's possessions into her suitcases. After Maggie awakes and frees Bart and Lisa, they knock out Ms. Botz with a baseball bat.

Realizing Botz disabled the phone line, the kids go to the police station. Marge and Homer, unable to reach them as a result, return home early to find Ms. Botz bound and gagged. Homer, unaware of the situation, frees her and pays her handsomely. She flees just as the kids arrive with the police and news media. Homer then realizes his mistake and lies about how he fought Botz, but could not stop her from escaping. Later that night, Homer moans about his blunder on TV, but Marge says if he raised three children who can hogtie a stranger, he must be doing something right.

Source: Wikipedia