Simpsons Acid Rain Introduction for Teaching

S13E07 - Brawl in the Family

The Simpsons end up staying inside during an acid rainstorm caused by The Republican Party's latest decision to make caring for the environment a felony offense to play a game of Monopoly. When it is revealed that Bart has been cheating by using Lego bricks as hotel pieces, Bart threatens Lisa and Homer assaults him. Marge and Lisa try to pry them apart. Despite her inability to talk, Maggie calls the police on her family before taking hold of Marge and attempting to pull her off Homer. With help from an edible taffy-like substance and a robot, the entire Simpson family is arrested for causing a domestic disturbance.

After a short time in jail, they are released by a social worker named Gabriel, whom Homer mistakes for an angel sent from Heaven. Gabriel moves in with the family to help them be functional again. After observing the family's quirks, Gabriel takes the family to a forest and diagnoses the family's problems accordingly: Marge tries to prove her self-worth to the family by medicating them with food, Bart is addicted to doing crazy stunts for attention, and Homer is simply a drunken buffoon. Gabriel then sets up a challenge to teach the Simpsons the importance of teamwork by setting up a picnic basket in a tree. The object is for the family to work together as a team to get it down. After a harrowing rescue involving Bart driving the family car and Homer nearly becoming prey for wild predators, the Simpsons succeed and Gabriel congratulates them on working together as a family and becoming functional during their drive home.

Before the family can call it a day, they arrive home and find Amber and Ginger waiting in their driveway. Amber shows Marge and the kids video footage of a drunk Homer marrying Amber in Vegas, while Ginger is next door with the widowed Ned Flanders. Homer tries to get his marriage to Amber annulled by the court, but Judge Constance Harm refuses, stating that Homer married Amber in Nevada and the marriage still stands, since Homer never officially divorced Amber. Marge is so angry that she banishes Homer, who takes up residence in Bart's treehouse with Amber. Homer still loves Marge and refuses to sleep with Amber, so he tries to sleep in Santa's Little Helper's kennel, but ends up getting its doorway stuck to his head and spends the rest of the night trying to get it off. The next day, Marge finds Homer asleep amid the broken remains of the doghouse, and she tells Homer that she is still angry at Homer over what he did, but she has a plan to get Amber out of their house.

While Amber is lounging in a kiddie pool, she overhears Homer and Marge arguing, with Homer ultimately announcing that he is leaving Marge and the kids. Homer then invites Amber to Moe's for a night of drinking. The next day, a hungover Amber discovers that she is now married to Grampa Simpson, with the Simpsons have video evidence of the event about her vowing to forsake all other husbands when married to Grampa. Amber and Ginger, who escapes because she is fed up with Ned Flanders, drive away and vow never to return.

Source: Wikipedia