Hamster vs Bart

S04E16 - Duffless

While having breakfast with her family, Lisa shows them her project for an upcoming science fair, a steroid-enhanced tomato she hopes will cure world hunger. At school, three days before the fair, Lisa leaves her tomato under Bart's care for a moment and he hurls it at Skinner's buttocks. When Lisa returns, she is furious. She asks Marge for help, who suggests she run a hamster through a maze. Lisa likes the idea, but instead pits a hamster against Bart to find out who is smarter. After two easy tests, the hamster leads two to zero.

Bart later discovers her plans to humiliate him at the fair and pre-empts them with a project of his own, "Can hamsters fly planes?", showing her hamster in the cockpit on a miniature plane. Lisa insists his project has no scientific merit, but everyone ignores her and Principal Skinner hands Bart the winning ribbon.

At the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer sneaks out early and accompanies Barney on a tour of the Duff brewery. Afterward, Homer refuses to let an extremely drunk Barney drive home and forces him to hand over his keys. On their way out of the parking lot, their car is pulled over by police Chief Wiggum, along with Eddie and Lou. They administer a breathalyser test to Homer, which he fails. He is arrested, loses his license, and must attend traffic school and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

In bed, Marge gives Homer a magazine quiz about his drinking. Hearing Homer's answers, Marge asks him to give up beer for a month, to which he agrees despite several incidents of temptations. Homer flees the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when Reverend Lovejoy assures him he would never drink again after it ends, but exhibits more positive changes like losing weight, saving over $100 and not sweating while eating. After thirty days of sobriety, Homer goes back to Moe's for a beer, but leaves after seeing how alcohol has ruined the lives of Barney and the other barflies. He and Marge ride a bike into the sunset.

Source: Wikipedia