The Hurricane

S08E08 - Hurricane Neddy

In the midst of a quiet afternoon, the wind starts to pick up, which leads Lisa to find out that a hurricane is on the way. The evening news confirms that "Hurricane Barbara" is close, resulting in panicked citizens storming the Kwik-E-Mart. The hurricane strikes, and after a few treacherous hours, the storm ends. The Simpsons cautiously leave their basement and learn that the home is untouched. Next door, Ned Flanders emerges from a heap of rubble and sees that although his family is safe, his house has been destroyed. The Flanders family is forced to move into the Rescue Center in the church basement. Ned is further discouraged after learning that his business The Leftorium was looted following the hurricane. Distraught with annoyance, Ned begins to believe that God is punishing him like Job.

The following day, Marge arrives at the church and takes the Flanders family back to their house, completely "rebuilt" by the people of Springfield. Overjoyed, Ned inspects the house, but becomes increasingly dismayed as he discovers its extremely shoddy construction. Immediately after the inspection, the house collapses. Ned initially tries to remain calm, but after inadvertently breaking his glasses he is unable to contain his rage and finally snaps, lashing out at the residents. Ned drives to a mental hospital to seek psychotherapy. Ned is visited by his childhood psychiatrist, Dr. Foster, who tells Ned about his childhood as an out-of-control brat raised by beatnik parents. Ned's treatment involved eight months of continuous spanking. The treatment worked so well that it rendered him unable to express any anger, and Ned's repressed anger built up inside him until he erupted.

Dr. Foster enlists Homer to help Ned learn how to appropriately express emotions. After several failed scripted insults, Homer manages to get Ned to open up about some of his repressed dislikes, finally admitting he hates post offices and his parents, after which he immediately feels better. Dr. Foster declares Flanders cured and he is immediately released. Outside the hospital, Ned is greeted by the townsfolk of Springfield. Ned promises that from now on, if anyone does something he does not like, they will hear about it, which Dr. Foster tells him is very healthy.

Source: Wikipedia