Bart Watches Adult TV

S02E13 - Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

After seeing Ned Flanders reject an offer from a crooked cable man to get an illegal cable hook-up for $50, Homer chases after the cable man and takes the offer. Homer likes the new channels and spends a lot of time watching the television along with his family. Lisa, however, feels suspicious about the cable hook-up. Following a Sunday school lesson regarding the existence and nature of Hell, Lisa becomes terrified of violations of the Ten Commandments, the adherence to which she is assured will keep one's soul safe from Hell. She fears that because Homer violated the Eighth Commandment, he will go to Hell when he dies.

Lisa begins to oppose other examples of common thievery all around her, even convincing Marge to pay the cost on two grapes she sampled in a grocery store. Lisa later pays a visit to Reverend Lovejoy at church, where he suggests that Lisa cannot turn her father in to the police for the illegal hook-up, since she must continue to "Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother", according to the Fifth Commandment. He instead encourages Lisa to not watch anything on Homer's cable hook-up, setting a good example that he hopes others will follow. Marge pleads with Homer to either cut the cable or pay for it, but he refuses to do either, saying that the cable will stay as long as he desires. Meanwhile, Bart sets up posters on the back door for his showing of a porn channel for 50 cents, but he is caught a few seconds later by Homer, who forbids him from doing it.

Homer sees a commercial for "The Bout to Knock the Other Guy Out!", a much-anticipated boxing match in which Drederick Tatum will fight for the World Heavyweight Championship. Homer decides to have a party and invites all of his friends to come over and watch the fight. Lisa tries to boycott the party, so this results in Homer making her stay outside on the lawn. Homerís conscience eventually bothers him, more in the form of his daughter's distress than a moral objection to stealing cable due to a hallucination that he goes to prison for stealing cable. He finally gives in to Lisa's protests, begrudgingly choosing not to watch the last minutes of the fight, and Marge and Maggie join them as well. Bart refuses to give in, but Homer drags him outside by force. The family sits the fight out and when everyone has left, Homer hesitantly cuts his cable hook-up while ignoring Bart's objection, but he accidentally ends up cutting the power to the whole neighborhood.

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