Bart Simpson does ballet

S06E17 - Homer vs. Patty and Selma

Homer decides to invest in pumpkins, but loses his entire investment. Late on a mortgage payment and short on money, he tries to borrow some, but to no avail. Homer keeps his money troubles secret from Marge. Meanwhile, Patty and Selma have received a promotion at the DMV. As a last resort, Homer asks the two if they will lend him the money, and they agree on the condition that he become their loyal servant. Marge finds out about the loan after she sees the IOU note, and her sisters tell her what happened.

Homer decides to become a chauffeur in order to earn more money, but is pulled over when he does not have a chauffeur's license. When he goes to the DMV with Marge to apply for one, Patty and Selma are his evaluators. The two mercilessly fail his driving and written test. The two light up cigarettes and are spotted by their supervisor, who informs them that smoking on the job is an offense which could cost them both their promotions. After being persuaded by Marge, Homer reluctantly covers for them by claiming the cigarettes as his own, thus clearing his debt to Patty and Selma.

In the subplot, Bart cuts school on the day students were choosing their physical education classes. By the time he shows up, the only option left is ballet. Despite being reluctant at first, he soon discovers that he has a talent for the dance form, and is invited to star in a school ballet performance. After his performance, school bullies attempt to beat him up, and he runs away. Bart attempts to escape by jumping a trench, but fails to make it and takes a nasty fall. The bullies leave, while Lisa tells Bart how proud she is of him, that they are now kindred spirits.

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