The Bus That Couldn't Slow DownThe Bus That Couldn't Slow Down
2 months ago
Bart says goodbye to Santa's little help as he heads out for school while Homer is at work telling Lenny and Carl about the bus that couldn't slow down without knowing the harsh reality that's about to hit his family.
Marge and Homer Get DirtyMarge and Homer Get Dirty
3 months ago
While cleaning out the garage, Bart finds Marge and Homer's secret tape. So Bart and Lisa pop it into the VCR and take a look. Homer catches the kids watching and loses it. There's no way he'll let Bart get away with it this time.
The Simpsons Auto DialerThe Simpsons Auto Dialer
3 months ago
Homer brings home an auto dialer that he found in the trash and be begins to set it up when Marge comes in and interrupts his plans. It calls everyone in town and plays his message. They don't react the way Homer had expected.
I'm Mr. Burns, Blah, Blah, BlahI'm Mr. Burns, Blah, Blah, Blah
3 months ago
So Mr. Burns is tired of his worthless employees sitting around eating his donuts so he decides to make an example of Homer Simpson. This pushes Homer over the edge and he sets out for revenge on his former employer.
Along Came Maggie SimpsonAlong Came Maggie Simpson
3 months ago
It's a year prior right before Maggie is born, Marge visits Dr. Hibbert and gets the news that she is pregnant. When Homer hears about it, he worries about their financial plans. How will they pay for this new baby?
The Simpsons Come out of QuarantineThe Simpsons Come out of Quarantine
4 months ago
The Simpsons predicted the effects of coming out of quarantine too early! After the pandemic hit and everything got shut down for a while. Everyone is so happy when things finally start opening up again but was it too soon to celebrate?

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