Homer Steals Comic Book Guy's IdeaHomer Steals Comic Book Guy's Idea
5 months ago
Using Comic Book Guy's throwaway joke, this video expands upon it showing what would've happened if Homer Simpson had gone through with it. Comic Book Guy gets revenge and as always, Homer takes it to the extreme.
Marge Prefers Ned Over HomerMarge Prefers Ned Over Homer
5 months ago
Marge Simpsons is looking for ideas for her book when she sees Ned walking by. So instead of writing about her Homer, she writes about Ned instead and that doesn't sit well with Homer. He knows he can't compete.
Moe Shot Mr. BurnsMoe Shot Mr. Burns
6 months ago
Bad Cops, Bad Cops. A maniac has shot Mr. Burns again, and Chief Wiggum is on the case. He's not great at his job but what do you expect for the money he makes? Lol.A game of cat and mouse ensues.
Homer Throws a PartyHomer Throws a Party
6 months ago
The fight of the century is on and Homer invites over all of his shady friends to watch it with him. After a few drinks things start to get really rowdy and when an unexpected visitor comes over, Homer's world is flipped upside down.
Milhouse Needs a PsychiatristMilhouse Needs a Psychiatrist
6 months ago
Milhouse has been born into an unlucky life and has been bullied for the most of it. Finally his parents decide to send him to a psychiatrist but Milhouse doesn't seem to like it and then we see why he needs a psychiatrist.
Homer Ignites Edna's DrinkHomer Ignites Edna's Drink
6 months ago
After Flaming Moe steals Homer Simpson's drink receipe, Homer drops by the tavern to confront Moe. Along the way he runs into Bart's teacher, Edna Krabappel. Homer sees and opportunity and seizes it.
Lenny's Not Suppose to Get Pudding in His EyeLenny's Not Suppose to Get Pudding in His Eye
7 months ago
Homer Simpson is looking to get on Mr. Burns' good side so when Mr. Burns asks Homer to hurt his friend, he's more than willing to do so. Unlucky for Lenny, he's not supporse to get pudding in his eye.
Homer Falls Down the StairsHomer Falls Down the Stairs
7 months ago
Homer forgets to pick up Lisa and she won't let him forget it. She sets up a little trap for him, that will ruin his life. We saw Bart falling down the stairs. Now it's Homer's turn. Lots of fun to be had!
Bart Goes on a Ride AlongBart Goes on a Ride Along
7 months ago
Homer is casually buying beer at the Kwik-E-Mart when all of a sudden Snake shows up and robs the place. Things quickly escalate. Theft. Murder and it's up to Bang Bang Bart to stop him! How will Bart do?
Murder at the Simpson House | Minisode #8Murder at the Simpson House | Minisode #8
7 months ago
The eighth minisode! In this video, the Simpson children go missing, and Homer and Marge panic to find them before something terrible happens. This event tears the family apart and they may never be the same ever again.
Homer Loves Gigantic ButtsHomer Loves Gigantic Butts
7 months ago
Don't we all? Homer goes to the Kwik-E-Mart and picks up the usual, lottery tickets, bubble gum cigar and the latest issue of his favorite magazine. He realizes that Marge doesn't have what he needs anymore.
Frank Grimes Gets Revenge on HomerFrank Grimes Gets Revenge on Homer
8 months ago
Frank Grimes has had enough of Homer's ineptitude and decides to confront him about it. Homer is so saddened by the news that he can't sleep at night so he watches some late night infomercials. Troy McClure and Dr. Nick Riviera are selling the new Juice Loosener! Homer was tired of making juice the old fashioned way so when he heard that supplies are limited, he quickly orders one.

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