Chief Wiggum Hunts a Serial KillerChief Wiggum Hunts a Serial Killer
1 month ago
There's a new serial killer in town and chief wiggum is on the case. Will the inept Police Chief be able to catch the most notorious serial killer that Springfield has ever seen? Probably not.
Homer Catches Bart with CigarettesHomer Catches Bart with Cigarettes
1 month ago
I got this idea from the comment section of my "Bart investigates the effects of cigarette smoking on dogs", now we actually get to see the effects of cigarette smoking on dogs.
Homer and Marge: Snuggle MonstersHomer and Marge: Snuggle Monsters
1 month ago
Homer and Marge have a healthy romantic relationship. Recently their love has gone a little overboard and the kids are starting to get a little curious. So then now it may be the time for the birds and the bees talk.
Happy Bacon Day!Happy Bacon Day!
1 month ago
It's Homer's favorite day, bacon day! Wait, that's not real. And Marge is furious, she's had enough and storms out of the house. She needs to blow off some steam and finds someone who will listen to her.
The Simpson GeneThe Simpson Gene
1 month ago
Lisa is worried about her weight, and so she gets advice from her family and that only seems to make things worse. The news hits her hard and it's affecting her sleep. Her future is not so bright.
Ralph Is a Pop SensationRalph Is a Pop Sensation
2 months ago
Springfield Elementary has a new musical genius and it's the last person you'd expect! Ralph Wiggum. Ralph reforms at the school recital and it is a big hit. Everybody cheers for him, and Chief Wiggum couldn't be more proud.

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