Homer Hits the Dean With His CarHomer Hits the Dean With His Car
4 weeks ago
After attending college, Homer pulls a prank stealing the rival college's mascot pig. He gets expelled along with the nerd. Now he has to come up with a zaney scheme to get the Nerds back into college.
Homer Runs for MayorHomer Runs for Mayor
1 month ago
The mayoral election in Springfield is coming up and our favorite man is thinking about running after his friends suggest the idea. So, big news! Homer Simpson is running for mayor against Quimby!
For No Reason Here's ApuFor No Reason Here's Apu
1 month ago
At town hall, Mayor Quimby announces a vote to deport all immigrants and it is bringing out some Springfieldians true nature. At the center of all of this is our favorite hindu, Apu, he takes matters into his own hands.
Homer Simpson Was Kung Fu FightingHomer Simpson Was Kung Fu Fighting
1 month ago
Whacking day is coming up and Homer is getting back into the hang of kung fu. He's training in the back yard, but of course, he starts taking things to the extreme. How will this adventure play out?
Homer Goes UndercoverHomer Goes Undercover
1 month ago
The government is twisting Homer's arm. After Homer falls for a hilarious boat sweepstakes scheme, he will do anything to get out of jail time. So now he must go undercover and take on the mob.
Sideshow Bob Is Released from PrisonSideshow Bob Is Released from Prison
1 month ago
Sideshow Bob has been in and out of prison too many times. When Bart hears that Bob will be released again, he gets really scared. He knows Bob will be after him again.

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