The Fire AlarmThe Fire Alarm
3 weeks ago
It's another lazy boring day at the power plant, but then Homer realizes that something is off. All of a sudden the fire alarm goes off and the entire plant is in a major panic!
Their Hands Were EverywhereTheir Hands Were Everywhere
3 weeks ago
Springfield is a buzzed at the upcoming "Do What You Feel" festival. Milhouse thought he'd go have a fun day there, when the other attenders felt like having a good old time with him.
Lisa It's Your BirthdayLisa It's Your Birthday
4 weeks ago
Lisa it's your birthday, happy birthday Lisa! I wish you love and good will, I wish you peace and joy. Little does she know what destiny has in store for her and her family. It turns out to not be a very happy birthday.
Bart Investigates the Effects of Cigarette Smoking on DogsBart Investigates the Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Dogs
1 month ago
Bart has a science project coming up and he decided to investigate the effects of cigarette smoking on dogs. His family find out and they erupt with rage. It turns into a brawl.
Loony LawsLoony Laws
1 month ago
Homer was turned away from his dream job of being a prison guard, so he walks the streets feeling depressed. And that's when he's picked up for a loony law, and the punishment is pretty loony as well.
Marge and NedMarge and Ned
1 month ago
Marge has been having an affair with Ned. She thinks that the family doesn't know, but Homer isn't as stupid as he looks. It's slowly killing him inside. And he's finally had enough, he's going to confront them about it.

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