Secrets of a Successful MarriageSecrets of a Successful Marriage
3 weeks ago
Homer is caught cheating so Marge divorces them. We go down their separate journeys and see what their lives are apart from each other. How will each of them fare?
Homer Simpson Gives Grampa a KidneyHomer Simpson Gives Grampa a Kidney
3 weeks ago
This is an alternate ending to the episode of the same name. Homer and Grampa haven't always seen eye to eye, but when a medical emergency comes up, we see what the Simpson family are made of.
Bart Runs AwayBart Runs Away
4 weeks ago
Bart has never gotten along with his family: his father abuses him, his sister out shines him and his mother is constantly disappointed by him. Well Bart has had enough, to day is the day where he makes his own way, and leave the family.
Do It for MaggieDo It for Maggie
1 month ago
A terrible tragedy has hit our favorite family, but how will they handle the loss? Will they band together and fight through it or will they crash and burn. Homer seems to be just barely hanging on for the sake of his family.
Barty's Gonna PartyBarty's Gonna Party
1 month ago
Hardy, Hardy, Barty's gonna party! It's Bart's birthday and he cannot wait, he is so excited. Marge plans an extra special birthday party for him, but it's not what he thinks. P-A-R-T-Y, Party!
Will You Take Us to Mount Splashmore?Will You Take Us to Mount Splashmore?
1 month ago
Mount Splashmore: the tri-county area's funnest recreation facility! And Bart and Lisa want to go, so they bother Homer until until morning. Will you take us to Mount Splashmore? No!

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