Bart Is ParanoidBart Is Paranoid
2 days ago
Bart has that feeling that he's constantly being watched and that's driving him crazy. His parents try to help but to no avail, so they go in for some professional help. Bart thinks he's going crazy.
Homer's Boring DayHomer's Boring Day
6 days ago
Homer's been working at the same boring plant for 10 years, day after day, it's the same boring routine. But today, something happens out of the blue, it makes things a lot more interesting.
Mr. Burns Hides Nuclear WasteMr. Burns Hides Nuclear Waste
1 week ago
Mr. Burns has broken every health and safety violation there is and today, he's up for some more. He's playing a game of hide the ooze, where will he dump today's batch of nuclear waste?
The Untimely End of Bart SimpsonThe Untimely End of Bart Simpson
1 week ago
Bart goes missing, and the prime suspect is none other than the city's notorious murderer, and bart's mortal enemy, Sideshow Bob. It hits the family hard when they find the body.
You Don't Win Friends with SaladYou Don't Win Friends with Salad
2 weeks ago
Lisa has become a vegetarian and she now thinks that all carnivores are wrong. When her family starts teasing her about her new found vegetarianism, she goes crazy. You DO make friends with salad.
Homer Is the Greatest Hero in American HistoryHomer Is the Greatest Hero in American History
2 weeks ago
Homer is out and about making the city a little bit safer, people love him. But then like always, it starts getting to his head, and he thinks he's above the law. What kind of mischief will he get up to?

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