Loony LawsLoony Laws
1 day ago
Homer was turned away from his dream job of being a prison guard, so he walks the streets feeling depressed. And that's when he's picked up for a loony law, and the punishment is pretty loony as well.
Marge and NedMarge and Ned
5 days ago
Marge has been having an affair with Ned. She thinks that the family doesn't know, but Homer isn't as stupid as he looks. It's slowly killing him inside. And he's finally had enough, he's going to confront them about it.
1 week ago
Homer loves his country, it's no secret. So when an oppourtunity arose that allowed him to help clean up society, he jumped all over it. Homer Simpson, a true American hero. USA! USA! USA!
Homer Goes to a Hardcore Gay ClubHomer Goes to a Hardcore Gay Club
1 week ago
Homer goes clubbing for the night and runs into some trouble. He runs into the mafia at the club and things quickly escalate. Homer finds himself trapped and looking for an escape route.
Bart's in Deep Deep TroubleBart's in Deep Deep Trouble
2 weeks ago
While the family is away Bart decides to throw a party. But it gets out of hand and the guests trash the house. When the family gets home, they find out what he has done, and they've had enough.
April FoolsApril Fools
2 weeks ago
Bart has had many April Fools day in his life, and every one he's been bested by the master of tom foolery, his father, Homer J. Simpson. But this year he's going to get his revenge, viciously.

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