The Dirty Old Man and the LisaThe Dirty Old Man and the Lisa
1 day ago
It's a weeknight and Homer is a home enjoying a few drinks. Before you know it, he is sloppy drunk. He then makes an unforgivable mistake and that scars Lisa. Things will never be the same in the Simpson house.
I Love NelsonI Love Nelson
1 day ago
Love is in the air at Springfield Elementary and there is an unusual love triangle going on between Nelson, Lisa and Milhouse. That's not unusual you say? Well what if Milhouse is the one in love with Nelson?
Moe Goes from Rags to MidgesMoe Goes from Rags to Midges
2 days ago
Marge has been bored lately so she decided to take up a new career path. Having no skills, she found the perfect job: prostitution! She goes to school to learn all of the skills and before you know it, she's walking the streets.
Cheater in the FamilyCheater in the Family
6 days ago
Homer has grown bored of his marriage and has secretly been seeing Lurleen Lumpkins. One day, Homer gets some bad news, and he must keep it a secret from his family, but when Marge finds out, things turn dark quickly.
Lisa the Delicious VegetarianLisa the Delicious Vegetarian
6 days ago
Lisa's vegetarianism has been a pain in Homer's butt. After she ruined his first barbecue, he wasn't going to take any chances on his next upcoming barbecue. When lisa makes a scene before the second barbecue, Homer knows what he must do.
Behind the Doctor's LaughterBehind the Doctor's Laughter
1 week ago
Being behind on paying bills is fairly common for the Simpsons. But when Homer receives a massive bill from a recent visit to Dr. Hibbert for a simple checkup, he is outraged. Now Homer and Dr. Hibbert are in a childish back and forth battle that quickly escalates and becomes fatal.

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