The Simpsons Classical GasThe Simpsons Classical Gas
11 hours ago
Mr. Burns is up to no good again and it's up to Lisa Simpson and the power of music to stop him. She plays Mr. Burns some classical gas, which really gets on his nerves, so Mr. Burns has some classical gas up his sleeve as well.
Fry Has a Parasite | Dark FuturamaFry Has a Parasite | Dark Futurama
1 week ago
The Planet Express crew have they next delivery ready, but before they can go into outer space, Fry must get a medical examination by their trust in house physician, Doctor Zoidberg! This take a hilarious turn when the results come in.
Whacking Day CobrasWhacking Day Cobras
2 weeks ago
Bart and Lisa Simpson draw all of the snakes in town into their house to save them. But nobody every asked if any of them were poisonous. Today they seem to have caught some cobras in their traps. Homer didn't appreciate a house full of snakes.
Homer Clones Himself | Seamless CutHomer Clones Himself | Seamless Cut
3 weeks ago
Homer Simpson is down in the basement again trying to fix the toaster when all of a sudden he accidentally creates a cloning machine. The toaster explodes and then a Homer clone is born and steps forward.
The Monster in the AtticThe Monster in the Attic
4 weeks ago
It's movie night at the Simpson house and Homer brought homer a family favorite, The Muppets! Later that night Bart and Lisa hear some strange noise in the attic and they decide to investigate the source.
Homer Wins a MotorboatHomer Wins a Motorboat
1 month ago
Up, up and away, in Homer Simpson's new motor boat! The police force held a boat raffle and Homer has won! Little did he know he was falling into a horrible trap set up by the chief of police.
Lisa's New Girlfriend | Minisode #16Lisa's New Girlfriend | Minisode #16
1 month ago
Lisa Simpson is at home finishing up her homework for the night. When she's done, it's time for her personal business. She visits her favorite website and is shocked to find out that they are just next door. Time to have some fun.
Marge Simpson's DoorbellMarge Simpson's Doorbell
1 month ago
Homer Simpson comes to visit Marge and he rings her doorbell, over and over again until something surprising happens! Everyone comes out a winner until Homer becomes famous for his newly learnt skills.
The Simpsons Zoo StoryThe Simpsons Zoo Story
1 month ago
It's a lazy weekend afternoon and Homer Simpson has taken his family to the Springfield zoo for some fun. Lisa has never enjoyed going to the zoo and seeing the trapped animals but Bart seems to be enjoying himself.
Homer Loves Crab Juice | Seamless CutHomer Loves Crab Juice | Seamless Cut
2 months ago
The seamless cut editor is back at work. After the family leaves the house, Homer Simpson jumps into action and cracks open his favorite drink from New York, crab juice. He has a few dozen cans.
Bart and Lisa Go MissingBart and Lisa Go Missing
2 months ago
Bart and Lisa Simpson head to the library for some light afternoon reading when they're approached by a mysterious stranger. They meet him at the newly built mega mall and things turn sour from there.
Bart Shovels Horse ManureBart Shovels Horse Manure
2 months ago
After seeing a commercial on TV for the latest big hit game, Bart Simpson needs money quick. He wants free money but Homer forces him to get a job so Bart ends up at the local carnival shoveling horse manure.

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