Mr. Burns Violates BartMr. Burns Violates Bart
3 weeks ago
Bart attends a private dinner at the Burns' mansion and it turns disasterous. Who knew that such a rich man could be so evil? The whole town you say? How will Bart get out of this one!?
Maggie Learns to DriveMaggie Learns to Drive
1 month ago
The Simpsons are enjoying a lazy afternoon infront of the TV when something catches Maggie's attention. She grabs the keys and takes off for an adventure.
Black SheepBlack Sheep
1 month ago
This is a video remake of "Grade School Massacre." Bart is pushed to the edge after really putting effort into studying but still failing the big test anyways. His best is just not good enough.
Homer's BBBQHomer's BBBQ
1 month ago
This is a video remake of "Lisa the Delicious Vegetarian". Lisa disapproves of Homer's BBBQ, and Homer disapproves of Lisa's disapproval.
Homer's Bathroom AdventureHomer's Bathroom Adventure
1 month ago
Homer stops by a gas station washroom on his way home, little did he know what kind of adventure he was about to embark upon. Let the fun begin!
Would you kids like to come with me?Would you kids like to come with me?
1 month ago
Bart and Lisa are enjoying an afternoon at the Springfield Mall when they are approached by a stranger with a mustache.

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