Bart the LoverBart the Lover
2 days ago
A remake of an earlier comic. Bart the Lover takes this episode in a drastically different direction of the original. Based on countless true stories of lucky school boys ... nice.
Mr. Burns is Flat BrokeMr. Burns is Flat Broke
5 days ago
After 10 years at the same job, with the same pay, Homer finally has an oppourtunity to get back at Mr. Burns, and he decides to take it. Houston, we have a problem, a sexy problem.
Bart vs MilhouseBart vs Milhouse
1 week ago
Bart and Milhouse had a scuffle over a cup and ball game. Things quickly escalated and turned fatal but luckily the victor has a plan in store that will make everything okay. Or will it?
Viva Ned FlandersViva Ned Flanders
2 weeks ago
Guess who's an adulterer? That's right! It's Marge. While Homer is away at work, Marge has been having her very own bedroom adventure with the muscular mustachey neighbour.
Mr. PlowMr. Plow
3 weeks ago
On a dark and stormy night, Homer is at home, sloppy drunk. Its time for the return of Mr. Plow! Now, who should Homer plow? Mr. Plow. That's his name, that name again is Mr. Plow.
Homer's Secret ShameHomer's Secret Shame
4 weeks ago
Homer has a dirty disgusting little secret that his family is unaware of. One day he's home alone and he gets hungry. They fridge is empty so what will Homer do for food today?

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