Homer Hates ChildrenHomer Hates Children
2 hours ago
The Simpsons are enjoying a nice evening at the movies until a baby starts crying and ruining the entire experience. Homer doesn't understand why he's the only one upset, and it ruins the entire night out.
Maude Flanders Cheats on NedMaude Flanders Cheats on Ned
1 week ago
The Simpsons' favorite neighbors are having marital problems so Maude turns to a friend for comfort. Turns out the perfect family isn't so perfect after all. When Ned finds out he is absolutely enraged and wants revenge!
Bart Licks a Pickle | Minisode #12Bart Licks a Pickle | Minisode #12
2 weeks ago
Mr. Plow strikes again. After a night of drinking Homer Simpson returns home in the mood for some lovin'. Things happen, then other things happen, and before you know it, the whole town of Springfield joins in, including our favorite person, Principal Skinner. Bart has nowhere to run.
Homer Is GayHomer Is Gay
3 weeks ago
Homer Simpson starts experimenting with other men and he discovers something about himself… he likes it. There are fireworks in his eyes so now be begins living a double life, hiding his secret from Marge.
Bart Shot Mr. BurnsBart Shot Mr. Burns
4 weeks ago
Who shot Mr. Burns? It was Bart Simpson of course, why didn't anyone point the finger at Springfield's Bad Boy? Everyone was ready to believe he murdered Principal Skinner lol. After Mr. Burns gets shot, Chief Wiggum jumps on the case.
Lisa Falls in LoveLisa Falls in Love
1 month ago
When Homer Simpson runs around the house, Lisa catches a glimpse of his hotdog and instantly falls in love. She slowly grows more attached to him but when another woman gets in her way, she shows her fangs.
Troy McClure Goes to Sea WorldTroy McClure Goes to Sea World
1 month ago
This is exactly what you though it was. The Simpson's favorite tv show host has a deep dark secret, he has an abnormal attraction to the wet kind and in this video he gets to live out his fantasies with a little help from, oh let's say Moe.
Diss Homer's FlygirlDiss Homer's Flygirl
1 month ago
Moe is teaching funk dancing for self defence at the adult education program again and this time instead of running away, Homer Simpson joings the course and studies how to protect his woman when her honor gets insulted.
Bart Watches Brazilian TVBart Watches Brazilian TV
1 month ago
Bart Simpson holds a watch party at his house for some wholesome Brazilian children's television. All was going well until Homer came home and crashed the party. Bart probably should've have invited the bullies over.
Homer Can't Let Her Go | Full EpisodeHomer Can't Let Her Go | Full Episode
2 months ago
After an unfortunate incident involving Marge and a crazy maniac, Homer Simpson is left alone to care for Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Being a single father is harder than he expected and he has to do everything withing his power to keep his family from falling apart. He'll need the help of his family and friends, Grampa, Ned Flanders, Lenny, Carl, etc. to succeed. The Simpsons will never be the same ever again.
Marge Is GayMarge Is Gay
2 months ago
Marge Simpson is hiding a secret from Homer and her family. But when Homer finds out, he is threatened that it will destroy their family and kids. But he seems to be the only person who cares.
Homer Goes to a Seafood RestaurantHomer Goes to a Seafood Restaurant
2 months ago
Marge Simpson is worried about Homer's diet and tries to change his eating habits but Homer wasn't having any of it. And all of this leads to Homer going to an all you can eat seafood restaurant, delicious.

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