Groundskeeper Willie Makes an Enemy for LifeGroundskeeper Willie Makes an Enemy for Life
2 days ago
Principal Skinner got word that Super Intendent Chalmers is making a surprise visit to inspect the school. So Skinner is doing whatever he can to not upset Chalmers but Groundskeeper Willier doesn't seem to care at all.
Coronavirus Hits the SimpsonsCoronavirus Hits the Simpsons
1 week ago
The nightmare has hit Springfield, what are they gonna do? Homer has a plan, to hide away in his bomb shelter but it sucks, so now the town is at the mercy of the sickness and half the town seems to be out of commission. Who will save Springfield from the horror?
Homer Is Dumb as a Mule and Twice as UglyHomer Is Dumb as a Mule and Twice as Ugly
2 weeks ago
Homer is called ugly and it brings back traumatic old memories of his childhood. When the whole town learns of his ugliness, they don't hold back. They mock him relentlessly. Homer falls apart but he has a solution that will fix all his problems.
Looks Like There's Beer Coming out of the ChimneyLooks Like There's Beer Coming out of the Chimney
3 weeks ago
The cat burglar is on the loose in Springfield and Homer has put together a vigilante group to capture him. They gather at their secret headquarters: Moe's. They get a little excited and things quickly get out of hand causing Homer's daily routine to be drastically altered.
The Bullies Make Bart One of ThemThe Bullies Make Bart One of Them
4 weeks ago
Bart joins the pre-teen braves with Homer leading the tribe. And there he gets closer to his bullies: Jimbo, Kearny, Nelson and Dolf. They all becomes friends and make Bart one of them. But it doesn't turn out as nicely as it sounds.
Chief Wiggum's Police Misconduct | Minisode #6Chief Wiggum's Police Misconduct | Minisode #6
1 month ago
Chief Wiggum is back at it again, abusing his power. After losing a friendly baseball game against the Nuclear Power Plant, Chief Wiggum takes out his anger on Homer. He may have gone too far this time. This is a minisode remake of my previous video: Homer at the Bat.

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