Homer Robs the Kwik-E-MartHomer Robs the Kwik-E-Mart
1 day ago
The Simpson family run into some unexpected medical bills and they’re in desperate need of money. When Homer runs out of options, he is forced to rob Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart.
Rod is GayRod is Gay
4 days ago
Rod confesses his secret to his father and the whole town. He's gay. How will the super religious Ned Flanders take the news? And what will happen to the future of the Flanders family?
Cecil Kills BartCecil Kills Bart
1 week ago
The younger brother succeeds where Sideshow Bob fails. Cecil takes on Sideshow Bob's biggest enemy, Bart Simpson. And it looks like he will succeed, quite easily too.
I Didn't Do ItI Didn't Do It
1 week ago
A heinous murder has occurred in Springfield and Bart is the number one suspect. Bart maintains his innocence, but how will the trial turn out, and what will Bart's future look like?
Hot FudgeHot Fudge
2 weeks ago
The Simpsons family hit the town for a night, today it's a local hockey game and they have a special VIP box. The night doesn't stay peaceful for long when the other Springfieldians get jealous.
2 weeks ago
Homer is at home napping when he is suddenly awoken by the Boogeyman! There is something in the house and he panics. He must protect his family and his home from the intruders!

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