Homer Skips WorkHomer Skips Work
6 days ago
Homer Simpson is bored at work and there's a massive party going on at a nearby pub. Homer sees and opportunity to get out of work and seizes it. If the plant yee wish to flee, go to sector 7-B.
Moe's Pet ShopMoe's Pet Shop
1 week ago
Nobody want's to hang out in Moe's dank pit no more, except for Homer Simpson and his friends. So Moe plans to pivot his business plan and open a Pet Shop where all of his best friends can gamble on monkey knife fights.
What Happened to Ms. Hoover?What Happened to Ms. Hoover?
2 weeks ago
The first video about Lisa Simpson's teacher, Ms. Hoover. Tragedy strikes and it hits Lisa pretty hard. But where there's tragedy, there's always an upside, and that's where Bart strikes to make the best of a bad situation.
Who Plowed Bart Simpson? | Minisode #10Who Plowed Bart Simpson? | Minisode #10
3 weeks ago
Can you figure out the culprit to this murder mystery type dark simpsons video? I've laid out some small clues as to who the person could be, piece them together to find the culprit.
Marge Is the Worst Mother in the WorldMarge Is the Worst Mother in the World
1 month ago
After a nice winter family drive, tragedy strikes and Marge Simpson experiences the worst pain a mother can feel, losing a child. Is she an unfit mother? The courts will decide the fate of her and her family. Then Homer comes to the rescue.
Bart and Lisa's Snowball FightBart and Lisa's Snowball Fight
1 month ago
Brother and sister are mortal enemies, like scots and other scots. Damn scots, they ruined scotland! Bart Simpson and Lisa are pranking each other back and forth and one thing leads to another and the absolute worst happens!
Chief Wiggum Hunts a Serial Killer | Minisode #9Chief Wiggum Hunts a Serial Killer | Minisode #9
1 month ago
There's another serial killer in Springfield and Chief Wiggum is on the case. When Marge Simpson hears about it, she is understandably nervous about the situation. And Ned Flanders doesn't handle it any better as he locks himself away in his panic room. Who is the Springfield Serial Killer?
Bart Fails His TestBart Fails His Test
1 month ago
Bart Simpson has had enough of Martin Prince. After Martin suggests the class takes a quiz, Bart has something in mind for revenge and makes an enemy of Martin. This pushes Martin over the edge.
Homer Goes in for Those Backdoor ShenanigansHomer Goes in for Those Backdoor Shenanigans
2 months ago
Alternate reality of Last Exit to Springfield. This time Homer Simpson does go in for those backdoor shenanigans while working at the head of the union. How deep will the "corruption" go? And how will Smithers handle all of this?
Sideshow Bob Tries to Kill BartSideshow Bob Tries to Kill Bart
2 months ago
Bart was messing around in the basement, looking for something when an old friend unexpectedly pays him a visit. Luckily Homer was home, and rushes to Bart's rescue but things don't go as expected for the Simpson family.
A Noble Spirit Embiggens Groundskeeper WillieA Noble Spirit Embiggens Groundskeeper Willie
2 months ago
At Springfield Elementary, Bart and his classmates are watching video of their town founder, Jebidiah Springfield's wise words. We see how a noble spirit embiggens Groundskeeper Willie is this random video.
Homer Steals Comic Book Guy's IdeaHomer Steals Comic Book Guy's Idea
2 months ago
Using Comic Book Guy's throwaway joke, this video expands upon it showing what would've happened if Homer Simpson had gone through with it. Comic Book Guy gets revenge and as always, Homer takes it to the extreme.

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