Lisa's Substitute TeacherLisa's Substitute Teacher
2 days ago
This is a sequel to the episode of the same name. Ms. Hoover got lyme diesease and so Lisa got a substitute teacher, Mr. Bergstrom, and it turns out to be the best teacher Lisa ever had, until he had to leave, and everything took a turn for the worst.
Homer Simpson vs. Sideshow BobHomer Simpson vs. Sideshow Bob
5 days ago
Sideshow Bob has found a new enemy, he put trying to murder Bart to the side for a new target: Homer Simpson. The battle of wits begin! Who will win and who will not win?
The Bart Who Knew Too MuchThe Bart Who Knew Too Much
1 week ago
Homer is back to his old gambling ways. One day, tragedy strikes. Homer is sitting at home watching football when his team loses. Homer owes a lot of money to some really bad people now.
Super Intendent Chalmers Is Fed UpSuper Intendent Chalmers Is Fed Up
1 week ago
Principal Skinner has always been a disappointment, to his mother, and especially to Super Intendent Chalmers. One day, Skinner pushed Chalmers too far and he cracks.
Marge Simpson Gets a JobMarge Simpson Gets a Job
2 weeks ago
The Simpsons are running behind on their bills after an unfortunate event hit the Simpsons. So Marge must step up and get a job to help provide for the family. How will the mother of three fare in the workplace?
Homer Stops Doing Stupid ThingsHomer Stops Doing Stupid Things
2 weeks ago
Marge has had enough of Homer's stupidity and lets him have it. In a fit of rage, Homer proclaims that he'll never do another stupid thing, and Marge calls him out on it. Not wanting to back down, Homer tries to keep his promise.

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