Duffless BarneyDuffless Barney
10 hours ago
When Barney runs out of funds to support his boozing habit, he gets desperate. But when he betrays Homer, Homer turns his back on Barney.
Willie in ChainsWillie in Chains
1 day ago
Principal Skinner is a sore loser. After a friendly basketball game, he takes the loss very hard, and wants revenge.
A Milhouse ViolatedA Milhouse Violated
2 days ago
Bart has Milhouse over to the house and they play dress up. When Homer walks into their play date, he finds out he has a new crush, and it gets out of hand.
Bart the Evil GeniusBart the Evil Genius
3 days ago
Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel have been dating for a long time, all the while Bart has been unhappy with it in the background. His jealousy gets the best of him and he decides to break them up... permanently.
A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Willie Never Do AgainA Totally Fun Thing That Bart Willie Never Do Again
4 days ago
When the sun goes down, Springfield Elementary turns into a very different place. Orchestrated by the evil Groundskeeper and Principal.
Wiggum of MadnessWiggum of Madness
1 week ago
Wiggum has gone made with power! After a loss to the power plant in their recreational baseball league, Homer mocks Chief Wiggum and that pushes Wiggum over the edge.

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