Chief Wiggum's Police Misconduct | Minisode #6Chief Wiggum's Police Misconduct | Minisode #6
3 days ago
Chief Wiggum is back at it again, abusing his power. After losing a friendly baseball game against the Nuclear Power Plant, Chief Wiggum takes out his anger on Homer. He may have gone too far this time. This is a minisode remake of my previous video: Homer at the Bat.
Moe's Secret AdmirerMoe's Secret Admirer
6 days ago
It's Valentines Day in Springfieled, and romance is in the air. Moe finds himself with and unexpected valentines card from a secret admirer, followed by another unexpected event that will change his future forever.
Not Lenny!Not Lenny!
1 week ago
Everybody's favorite character, Lenny, is up for an award at the Springfield Pride Awards ceremony. Will he win? Of course, he's great and the whole town loves him. Nothing bad can happen in this video!
Bart the DaredevilBart the Daredevil
2 weeks ago
You can consider this an alternate ending to the episode of the same name. After watching Lance Murdoc, Bart decides to jump the Springfield Gorge, but his attempt is ruined when Homer shows up and something terrible happens.
Marge Simpson's Fear of FlyingMarge Simpson's Fear of Flying
2 weeks ago
It seems like Marge never got over her fear of flying. The Simpsons are going to Antarctica for a family trip but Marge is still hesitant about it. Let us see how their trip turns out.
Krusty Gets Busted AgainKrusty Gets Busted Again
3 weeks ago
The Simpsons get a phone call, turns out Krusty will be cancelling their dinner plans, AGAIN. Bart has had enough, he's been let down by his hero too many times and so he turns his back on Krusty.

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