Bart the DeadDevilBart the DeadDevil
Submitted by floridaRain7 | 2 years ago
Alternate reality, where Bart jumps the Springfield Gorge instead of Homer.
Homer the AlchoholicHomer the Alchoholic
Submitted by floridaRain7 | 2 years ago
Homer's drinking goes overboard and he takes it out on Bart.
Dirty FlandersDirty Flanders
Submitted by HomerSexual | 2 years ago
Clean pure Flanders has a dirty little secret.
Gay For MolemanGay For Moleman
Submitted by Bartman23 | 2 years ago
When Homer finds out that Hans Moleman is FAH-LAMING (just the way he likes 'em!), he starts a relationship so intense he wants Hans to join the family. Marge doesn't approve, so Homer breaks it off in the worst way possible.

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