Homer and JohnHomer and John
Submitted by Notme63 | 2 years ago
Homer isn't scared
Lisa the short term rapistLisa the short term rapist
Submitted by Stonecold01 | 2 years ago
Bart awakes one night to see himself tied to the bed and his sister rising from under his bed.
Lisa's sisterLisa's sister
Submitted by VirgenDeLabios | 2 years ago
The change of Bart from he to she
Alternate Butterfinger B.B's commerical endingAlternate Butterfinger B.B's commerical ending
Submitted by Stonecold01 | 2 years ago
When Lisa tries to help Bart with his math homework by using his Butterfinger B.B's, she makes her greatest mistake.
Moendalay BayMoendalay Bay
Submitted by Jnulmer | 2 years ago
Perviest Episode EverPerviest Episode Ever
Submitted by Bartman23 | 2 years ago
Jeff Albertson has a new obsession for his collection. Unfortunately, his civility and sense of boundaries are not in mint condition.

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