How to Please Your ManHow to Please Your Man
Submitted by soupcansam | 4 years ago
Homer peer-pressures Marge into following his will
Steamed HamsSteamed Hams
Submitted by JimboJJ | 4 years ago
Superintendent Chalmers is at the Skinner residence for an unforgettable luncheon, but disaster strikes.
Secrets of an Unsuccessful MarriageSecrets of an Unsuccessful Marriage
Submitted by Bartman23 | 4 years ago
Homer has never exactly been faithful, but even philandering Marge has her limits.
Racing CarRacing Car
Submitted by RalphWiggy2 | 4 years ago
Homer is jealous of Kirk's racecar bed.
Jimbo BonesJimbo Bones
Submitted by HappyKrusty | 4 years ago
The school bully Jimbo takes it to the next level.
Hail to the Bus Driver ManHail to the Bus Driver Man
Submitted by OttoMann | 4 years ago
All of the children on board the school bus drown when Otto drives off a bridge.
Milhouse Doesn't Live AnymoreMilhouse Doesn't Live Anymore
Submitted by Vuby552 | 4 years ago
Groundskeeper Willie has had enough of that loser Milhouse and decides to take care of him after school.
Secret life NeddySecret life Neddy
Submitted by jamesinfirmary | 4 years ago
Milhouse of Sand and DogMilhouse of Sand and Dog
Submitted by StemPacks | 4 years ago
After years of torment by bullies at school, Milhouse finds some relief in his pet Puppy Goo Goo, but he has a deep dark secret.
An Indecent ZiffAn Indecent Ziff
Submitted by Bartman23 | 4 years ago
Millionaire Artie Ziff and Marge's ex-boyfriend shows up and makes and indecent proposal.
Waylon The WomanizerWaylon The Womanizer
Submitted by Bartman23 | 4 years ago
Gay Waylon has a secret, he's not actually gay. Watch him hit on the ladies.
Pukeback MountainPukeback Mountain
Submitted by Bartman23 | 4 years ago
After a drunken college tryst, Barney has never forgotten Homer, even after he marries a compulsive gamblor and rejects his numerous attempts at seduction, sending Barney spiraling into a cycle of beer and sour defeat.

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