Moendalay BayMoendalay Bay
Submitted by Jnulmer | 4 days ago
Perviest Episode EverPerviest Episode Ever
Submitted by Bartman23 | 1 week ago
Jeff Albertson has a new obsession for his collection. Unfortunately, his civility and sense of boundaries are not in mint condition.
Two Very Bad NeighborsTwo Very Bad Neighbors
Submitted by Bartman23 | 1 week ago
Flanders tries to convert his heretic neighborino but finds himself drawn to crusade when it backfires.
Bart The Anti-LoverBart The Anti-Lover
Submitted by Bartman23 | 2 weeks ago
After Laura Powers breaks his heart, Bart hatches a delightfully devilish scheme to brainwash the lovers of Springfield into breaking up.
How Lisa got lifeHow Lisa got life
Submitted by Amanofthebox | 2 weeks ago
Lisa recounts the the tale of her troubled past
Who Kidnapped Skinner?Who Kidnapped Skinner?
Submitted by VikingKing1 | 3 weeks ago
Principal Skinner has gone missing, and the town suspects foul play. Who is responsible for this crime?

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