Homer Gets His Arms Trapped in Vending Machines

3 years ago
Homer wants some buzz cola but he has no money, so it's time to stick it to the man. He reaches into the the machine to try and steal a can, but then the obvious happens, his arm gets stuck in the machine.

Homer is at work and his co-workers need a laugh. So they stand around waiting for Homer to do something stupid. Homer gets thirsty and goes to buy a Buzz Cola, but realizes that he's out of money so he decides to steal one. He sticks his hand in the machine but it gets stuck and he asks for help as his friends and colleagues watch and laugh. He calls Marge to explain the situation. People come to his rescue and saws his arm off, turns out his firends are still there and are still laughing. Barney then proceeds to eat his arm.

Fooled You Flanders