P.S. I Am Gay

3 years ago
Homer has been hiding a terrible secret from his family, and he can't take it anymore. He gets up in the middle of the night and confesses everything through a heart-felt letter.

Homer is having a steam then a naked Renier Wolfcastle comes in and sits across from him. He can't help but stare at his hotdog. Later that day, the television calls him gay, and that reminds him of what happened in the steam room, and he starts to believe that it might be true. He lies in bed next to Marge, awake, bothered by the news. He leaves his family a note, explaining himself, then he leaves. Marge finds the letter the next morning and it rocks her to the core. She begins drinking while Homer is out enjoying his new life. Later that night we find Maggie alone, and Marge hanging in the living room.

I'll Try to Try