Return of the King

2 months ago
Homer arrives home from a long night of drinking at Moe's and he's feeling frisky. He stumbles into the house, heads upstairs and puts on his favorite jacket while Marge waits in fear.

Homer stumbles into the house one night, drunk and in the mood to snuggle. He heads up stairs and puts on his favorite jacket. He begins and Bart screams and begs for his mother's help but she lies there unable to do anything. The next day, Bart confides in Milhouse. When he gets homer, Homer is waiting for him and is furious. Lisa tries to comfort Bart. Later that night Homer is bored and drunk again so he goes to Bart's room. Bart is later seen running from Homer screaming for help, he manages to get back to his bedroom and lock the door. Later that night Homer kicks down the door and begins again. The next morning Bart is furious and confronts his parents about the situation. Marge continues to do nothing so Bart calls the police. Homer is taken away and murdered in jail. Bart then calls bigger brothers and the next day his bigger brother shows up at the door. Turns out to be MJ.

Disgraces Be Private