Mr. Burns Violates Bart

1 year ago
Bart attends a private dinner at the Burns' mansion and it turns disasterous. Who knew that such a rich man could be so evil? The whole town you say? How will Bart get out of this one!?

Bart was invited for dinner at the Burns' mansion but he isn't enjoying himself and asks to leave. This forces Mr. Burns to accelerate the evening and he presses a button which restrains Bart. He thing takes an aphrodesiac and the real fun begins as the thunderous night carries on. Bart makes it home safe, but he is depressed and confused. He tries to take his own life by jumping out the window. Bart wakes up in the hospital surrounded by his family. He confesses what happened to him and it drives Homer crazy. He rushes to see Mr. Burns and punches him in the face. Fast forward to the court date. Bart tells his story and it looks like he has won over the jury. Trapped in a corner, Mr. Burns pulls out his trump card, or trump "wallet". He bribes the judge and wins the case. American Justice is served.

Nothing's Wrong