Do You Think Lisa Simpson Is Ugly?

1 year ago
Lisa finds out that she is ugly in the most unusual way, and it shakes her to the core. Stealing her confidence and sends her into a depression. How will she dig her self out of it?

Homer and Lisa are out for dinner at Luigi's. After placing her order, she over hears Luigi calling her ugly and that makes her sad. She spends the night crying when Homer comes across her in her room. He confirms that she is ugly and she runs off to Marge. Marge takes her to a beauty salon to get made up, when she comes home, Bart and Homer still thinks she's ugly. At the plastic surgeon, things get even worse with the computer aging program. Later at home Marge confirms that she thinks Lisa is ugly, so now Lisa is angry and depressed. She storms to her room. That night she takes her own life.

Suicide Again