Homer the Lover

3 years ago
Homer has a loving wife and three beautiful children. A great jobs and fantastic friends. He has a great life, or so it would seem. He's been living a double life, a major secret that he's been keeping hidden.

The story begins and we see homer cheating on Marge with Mindy. Marge is at home sleeping alone. Homer tries to sneak into the house the next morning but is caught by Marge. Homer lies to her. That night Marge is in the mood to snuggle but Homer bats her away, he's not in the mood. The next day Homer heads out, and we see him going to see Lurleen, turns out he's quite the player. While the family is waiting at home for his return, Homer is bunking with Lurleen. Homer buys the kids presents. Marge gets suspicious when Homer gets a phone call and has to leave the family abruptly. She calls the number back and figures it out. Marge drives around with a lot on her mind and has a breakdown. Homer is at a gentleman's club, he looks like a regular. She ties up the kids and tries to win their love but is unsuccessful. Homer heads home and finds his family dead.

Unfair Generalization