Do It for Maggie

1 year ago
A terrible tragedy has hit our favorite family, but how will they handle the loss? Will they band together and fight through it or will they crash and burn. Homer seems to be just barely hanging on for the sake of his family.

This story begins with Marge running into trouble behind the Kwik-E-Mart. She is mugged after changing Maggie and then things turn for the worse. Homer receives a call of the bad news and he breaks down crying. He then tells Bart and Lisa and they don't handle it well either. The next day Maggie is found and returned to Homer. The funeral is held and it looks like the whole town turned out. That night Homer cries all night. Homer slowly loses his mind and creates a stand in for Marge and that crushes Lisa, she decides to leave. While Homer is out looking for Lisa, Bart decides to leave as well. Homer finds the note when he returns. Now it's just him and Maggie left. Work is miserable, and then he returns home to care for Maggie. He sleeps alone falling asleep to the tv missing his family.

Hate Same Things