Moe and Homer Face Off

1 week ago
Moe is in need of help, the depression and suicidal loneliness has become too much. Then that jerk Homer steps into the bar. Moe thinks up a plan to steal everything Homer has and now they have to face off.

Moe is alone in his bar, hating his life. Then Homer walks in, and Moe is jealous of Homer's family, then he has a devious idea. Moe goes to the plastic surgeon, and gets a complete makeover, some time passes and we find that Moe has gotten plastic surgery to look exactly like Homer. He then goes to the Simpson house and murders the original Homer. Moe takes the body to the graveyard and buries it that night. When morning comes, Moe returns to the Simpson house and slips into bed with his new wife. Nobody suspects a thing.

You're as Dumb as a Mule