The Untimely End of Bart Simpson

3 years ago
Bart goes missing, and the prime suspect is none other than the city's notorious murderer, and bart's mortal enemy, Sideshow Bob. It hits the family hard when they find the body.

The story begins with Bart strapped to a chair. He is then murdered by a laughing Sideshow Bob. The Simpsons are on the news, asking for help. Marge is then in the forest with the police and a blood hound trying to follow Bart's scent, and they find him. A call is placed to Homer, and he quickly rushes out to the scene where he finds Bart's skeletal remains. The police kick down the door and arrest Sideshow Bob. Later that year, Homer is depressed listening to the radio where Sideshow Bob is proclaiming his innocence, and that sends Homer over the edge. Homer applies to become a prison guard. He gets the job. Then he shows up in Sideshow Bob's cell and murders him.

Unfair Generalization