The Man in the Treehouse of Horror

1 month ago
It's an ordinary afternoon in the Simpson house, Bart is in his room reading comic books quietly when all of a sudden Lisa bursts through the door declaring that Bart's mortal enemy is on the radio. She turns on the radio.

Lisa runs into Bart's room and turns on the radio. It turns out Michael Jackson is returning to Springfield and Bart is terrified. His parents try to console him. While Bart is doing a sililoquy, we see Michael is watching Bart from the treehouse. The next morning Bart is awoken by Michael on his alarm clock and is terrified. Bart receives some threatening mail as well. Later that night, it starts storming. And the family decides to go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes followed by a round of miniature golf, but Bart is forced to stay home and tape the hockey game. Bart locks all the doors and windows but it's too late, Michael is already in the house.

You Tried Your Best