Someone's Trying to Kill Homer

2 years ago
Homer receives a death threat in the mail and he's terrified. Who could hate him so much that they would want him head? Better question is who wouldn't want him dead. Everyone in town is a suspect, even YOU.

Mr. Burns visits the Simpson house wanting his precious teddy bear Bobo back, but Homer refuses to give it back to him. Mr. Burns goes crazy and starts trashing the Simpson house. Homer calls the police and Mr. Burns is arrested. Later in court, we see Mr. Burns bribes the judge and is set free. He writes Homer a threatening letter, and Homer is terrified. Homer goes to the police but they won't help him. A few days later Homer is snatched from his home by Mr. Burns' goons. He is beaten nearly to death. They take Homer to the graveyard where they bury him alive. Homer regains consciousness and finds out where he is, while Mr. Burns laughs in delight.

You're as Dumb as a Mule