Marge Simpson's Night Out

2 years ago
It's Friday night and Marge is getting ready for a night out. Homer is curious about where she's going but Marge blows off his questions. Homer gets suspicious about Marge's night out.

Marge is getting ready for a night out, but she won't tell Homer where she's headed to. Turns out she's seeing Jacque behind Homer's back, but Homer finds out. The next morning, Homer plans his revenge on Marge in the basement. Homer excuses himself from dinner to go to Moe's for a beer, and Marge senses something is wrong. So after Homer leaves, Marges goes down to the basement to see what Homer's been up to and finds Homer's revenge plot. Homer is driving home and upon revival, Marge shoots him down right as he walks through the door. Marge then makes her getaway as Chief Wiggum takes pursuit.

You're as Dumb as a Mule