Ned Flanders Enters the Springfield Film Festival

3 years ago
Springfield is holding a film festival and all the town folk are excitedly making their films. Tired of all the garbage on TV, Ned decides to make a film of his own and enter it in the film festival.

There's a town meeting, they're deciding how to attract more tourism when Marge suggests a film festival and everyone jumps on the idea. After watching the film on TV, Ned decides to make his own film to enter. The Flanders family hikes into the woods and stop at a river where they set up shoot. They're going to re-enact a bible verse where baby Moses is placed into the river. But the current is too quick, it takes Todd away. Ned prays for help and God obliges, except his timing is a bit off and the tree crushes Todd. That's when Homer bursts out laughing.

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