Leave Homer Simpson Alone

2 years ago
It's family day at the Simpson home but Homer is not in the mood to go out and is pouting on the couch, so Bart, Lisa and Marge head to the speedway without him. Then something unexpected happens.

Homer and Marge are out watching a movie at the Aztec theatre, and Marge embarrasses Homer infront of the whole town. The next day Homer is atill angry about it and pouting on the couch. Marge, Bart and Lisa head to the race track without Homer. Shortly after, Sideshow Bob broadcasts to the whole town, that he has stolen a nuclear bomb. Everybody panics, and Homer leaves the house in a hurry, driving to Herman's Military Antiques. The bomb goes off, destroying the town and everyone in it, except Homer, who emerges from a bomb shelter. He's very proud of himself and doesn't seem to miss his family at all.

Don't Have a Prayer