Their Hands Were Everywhere

6 months ago
Springfield is a buzzed at the upcoming "Do What You Feel" festival. Milhouse thought he'd go have a fun day there, when the other attenders felt like having a good old time with him.

Springfield is currently holding the "Do what you feel like" festival and Milhouse is in attendance looking for a good time. It turns out that the festival attracts many villains and he finds himself in the middle of a hurricane of hands. He retreats to his home where he sobs in his bedroom. Bart comes to comfort him but it doesn't seem to help. At school the next day, Milhouse is noticably broken, and the fellow school children don't know how to react to him. Milhouse finds himself at the Springfield Dam, and decides to take his own life. He jumps in. He is reported as missing shortly after.

Ironic, Isn't It, Smithers?