Say Hello to Miguel Sanchez

2 years ago
Lionel Hutz is up to no good! And Bart and Lisa are on the case, they took down Sideshow Bob and they can take down Lionel Hutz too. What could he possibly be up to? Maybe he'll pee in the river as Milhouse suggests.

Lionel Hutz is babysitting the Bart and Lisa, and he is acting suspicious. He start's burning all of his personal documents and the kids suspect that something is up. Bart and Milhouse follow Hutz looking for clues while Lisa is at home following the paper trail. And just when they're about to give up, Marge convinces them to continue. The kids excitingly agrees. They go dumpster diving behind Lionel Hutz's office, looking for anything that might tell them what the dirty lawyer is up to. Hutz sneaks up behind them and traps them in the dumpster, he then sets it on fire.

Don't Have a Prayer