Lisa It's Your Birthday

3 years ago
Lisa it's your birthday, happy birthday Lisa! I wish you love and good will, I wish you peace and joy. Little does she know what destiny has in store for her and her family. It turns out to not be a very happy birthday.

Lisa's birthday is coming up and she asks her parents for a diary. They agree to get it for her. The next day, Homer, Marge and Bart are out at a show, and on their way home, they cut through a dark alley. They are met by snake, who murders them all. Chief Wiggum arrives at the Simpson home and gives Lisa the bad news. She cries all night. Shortly after, the funeral is held on a rainy day but nobody shows up. Later that night we see Lisa sitting alone with Maggie, singing happy birthday to herself, only to end up in tears.

Unfair Generalization