Chief Wiggum Hunts a Serial Killer

10 months ago
There's a new serial killer in town and chief wiggum is on the case. Will the inept Police Chief be able to catch the most notorious serial killer that Springfield has ever seen? Probably not.

Ned Flanders is out on the town hunting more victims. The next day Apu is found murdered, and Wiggum is on the case. Moe is then murdered and Wiggum starts to take things seriously. A week later lots more murders appear and Wiggum uses his amazing deductive powers to narrow down the location of the killer. The roll out and bust down Reverend Lovejoys door. They riddle him with bullets, case closed. Shortly after another body is found, turns out Wiggum had it wrong. They got some DNA evidence and then arrest Ned. But he escapes prison and gets revenge on Wiggum.

You're as Dumb as a Mule