Loony LawsLoony Laws
Loony Laws
Homer was turned away from his dream job of being a prison guard, so he walks the streets feeling depressed. And that's when he's picked up for a loony law, and the punishment is pretty loony as well.
Let that be a lesson to you, sweetie. Never love anything. – Homer
Bart the Lover
Bart the Lover
4 months ago
A remake of an earlier comic. Bart the Lover takes this episode in a drastically different direction of the original. Based on countless true stories of lucky school boys ... nice.
Homer of Darkness
Homer of Darkness
1 year ago
Who is Fallout Boy?! Supervillain Homer has his suspicions and is out for revenge! What will happen?
The Last Temptation of Krusty
The Last Temptation of Krusty
11 months ago
Bart is a Krusty fanatic! When he hears that Krusty is coming over for dinner, he gets super excited and is on his best behaviour. But when he Krusty isn't who Bart thought he was, he is devastated. We should never meet out heroes.
Ned 'N' Maude's
Ned 'N' Maude's Blend
1 year ago
Ned and his family has a rioting crowd at their doorstep. When Ned tries to calm them down, the unthinkable happens.



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